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Anthony Lycett 

Award Winning Fashion / Portrait Photographer 

Anthony uses photography with sharp awareness about diversity of singular identities. Working mainly on series with a scientific faithful and methodic systematism. Through repetition he questions a universal matter trying to isolate invariant keys, and with portraits he explores singularity and build poem odes to human prolific nature.

Anthony is interested in human behaviour through an anthropological prospective, however he focus’s on the creative mind and the relationship between identity and memory, in a time when identity is more on show.Looking at individual tribes, part detective, part psychologist he looks at the idea of identity with the recurrent and obsessive question “who are you”?

As an artist he attempts to show what was deep inside a person rather than their surface appearance, capturing the movement of a personality without freezing it. Working with intuition can be an emotional journey as the more you question others you start to question yourself in a reflexive process.

Memories are what build us and shape us through our experiences however they become abstracted and distorted over time, how to retain our memories? Love, joy, loss, happiness, sadness, these are all feelings which come from the memories, maybe we do not realize the importance until we lose this but then will we even know?

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