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Stephen Fitzpatrick

2018 - 2021

Stephen has an interest in visually depicting two different interests of his, the first being the Welsh agricultural side of his heritage and the second being his interest in Motorsports.


Whilst studying his degree he developed a passion for documentary photography, specifically focused on the lives of farmers in rural Wales, with strong ties to the agricultural community and having worked in it himself, he enjoys photographing the people who still live that life. He says ‘Being let into people's lives to see all aspects of it and having the privilege to photograph and document them for all to see is a great honour’.

His current imagery with ‘Mountain Man’ captures ‘Dafydd Blaengorlech’ and the day to day occurrences in this farmer's life. The images are beautifully shot in black and white photographs illustrating instances such as the birth of a lamb, to the slaughter of a deer. This imagery can be difficult to view however captures all the trials and tribulations of rural farming life.

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