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Angharad Caines 

2018 - 2021

Angharad Caines is a creative Welsh photographer born and raised in a small village called Glanamman, currently studying her final year at Carmarthen School of Art almost completing her photography degree. Her passion for adventuring and capturing her sense of place is what helps her thrive through life, seizing moments before they are gone is her speciality.


Her latest project ‘You’ is based on the acceptance of the self and the importance of self worth, creating the idea of a twin to represent her other side, Angharad has developed a series of intimate images that show the relationship she has built with herself over the years.


When the covid outbreak happened I was obviously limited in doing things to distract myself, being in my own company wasn’t something I was familiar with and the thought of being in my own presence would taunt me. I always had to be in the company of someone else. Feeling the need to be busy all of the time is a trauma response, in fear based distraction from what you’d be forced to acknowledge and feel if you slowed down, however being in lockdown gave me no choice but to spend time with myself. I feel some people are scared to be who they want to be and this is why I’ve also created this project to show the importance of taking that step back and concentrating on your own well being. People often say you should be alone in your twenties, I never really understood this until recently, however this project is about choosing me.

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